When Ruby rents a fully furnished apartment, she doesn’t expect it to come with the ghost of the previous tenant too. When her neighbor across the hall winds up dead, and the police dismiss it as a mugging gone wrong rather than a murder, she and her deceased roommate decide to investigate.

      I got this book through Netgalley and requested it primarily because of the cover and I wanted a mystery. It’s a decent mystery that was fun to read. I liked the main characters of Cordelia (my favorite), and Ruby. Ruby I thought at times was annoying, but I can’t explain why exactly. I think it was because she was so outgoing? Example, who in their right mind is gonna go to the murder victim’s work and interrogate his coworkers? What company would even allow this woman to walk on in and conduct an investigation in their break room. This is probably where I should say that this begins what I disliked about the book. Why in the world would all of Jake’s (the dead guy) coworkers answer this woman? She isn’t the police, she has no power or authority. There’s a bit later on when one of Jake’s girlfriends turns up at Cordelia’s and Ruby’s apartment to answer questions. What?! Why? Why would she do that. I can suspend my disbelief for ghosts, but I can not envision a world where a woman who seems to be so full of herself would travel to the apartment of some unknown woman to answer questions to help further along Ruby’s investigation. It doesn’t make sense.

      Also, this book has me wondering if everybody in Boston is obsessed with beer and drinking? Because I would have thought that no, of course not, but this book has every character (besides Ruby) asking for a beer. I’m surprised the author didn’t write in the bus driver as drinking on the job.

      I also liked some of the explanation on the ghost mechanics, like why ghosts don’t want to actually come in contact with a living person. That’s a great idea, make it painful for the ghost too. However, I did not care for the whole “if I believe it to be true, it suddenly is”. Need to make a whole garbage bag disappear, just will it to be so! Yet Cordelia struggles with floating, but can walk through the walls, and sink through the ground. I get that ghosts have magical abilities in a folklore sense, making things appear and disappear. I just thought explaining it away with simply thinking it’s true makes it true was a bit lazy. Furthermore, I would rather have not had it explained. Along with maybe a whole garbage bag disappearing. There has to be rules to this, right? If you can cover it with your ghostly hands it disappears, if you can’t wrap your whole body around an object it’s going to be visible. It’s just the way it is. I have read, watched, and listened to ghost stories, I’m a paranormal expert, 😛 Just kidding. I have no idea. But that’s just what I found annoying.

      Overall, I enjoyed reading it. I liked the story line. I loved Cordelia’s character and look forward to reading the next one in this series.

Thanks to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions are mine.
Title & Author: A New Lease on Death by Olivia Blacke
Published by: Minotaur Books
Pub Date: Oct 29 2024
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Pages: 336
Date Read: 2024/05/07

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Published by: Dutton
Pub Date: 26 Mar 2024
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 368
Date Read: 22 Sept 2023
      Thank you Edelwiess, author, and the publishers for allowing me the opportunity to read this e-arc.
      Eek! It’s been awhile since I put proper thought into a review, besides “yeah I liked this.”
      So yeah, I liked this… but it was slow going for me and that the 1960’s timeline to be a bit of a slog. So much so, that I almost gave up about mid way through. The story does pick up though and I found that I had to know if I was right on who I thought did it.
      Annie is a bit annoying. What is a shame though, is when I was talking about it I couldn’t give any solid examples as to why. I just thought her character was a bit bland and paper thin. I didn’t really care about her, or her mother Laura, or her apparently weird life. It was all talk and no show. Laura lacked emotion and closed off to the loss of her Great Aunt, the one who provided the home they live in.
      Despite this, it really did pick up and I began to care about most of the characters. My favorite being Francis. I liked her character and her strong will. Most of the townspeople had great character and stories. I actually thought how I wished Jenny would feature more in this and be the “Watson” she jokes about.
      So yeah, I liked this.

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Published by: Gallery/Scout Press
Published Date: 26 Apr 2022
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Pages: 338
Source: NetGalley
Date Read: 18 Mar 2022
      Thank you NetGalley, Jennifer McMahon, and Gallery Books for allowing me the opportunity to read this e-arc.

      This is a slow burn mystery alternating between two separate timelines, 1970’s and 2019, and told mainly between Vi and Lizzy’s viewpoint. I personally found wanting to skim through Vi’s (1970’s) timeline and get back to the present day story. There was a lot more description and telling in the earlier story line.

      Speaking of telling, there was a lot of obvious clues as to the ending strewn throughout the whole book. Really obvious clues. I’m not complaining though as this was still an entertaining read.

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      There’s mystery! There’s murder! There’s (most important to me during the spooky season) GHOSTS! I enjoyed this book very much. I liked all the characters and felt that excited to pick the book back up. When I got down to the last hundred pages, I may even have grumbled at my family for being too loud while trying to read it.

      The only con, and it’s a big one, is the ghosts. The ending with the ghosts felt rushed, not well planned, and flat. Actually it doesn’t even make that much sense, and super lackluster, but the story was still enjoyable.

Published by: Berkley Publishing Group
Pub Date 18 Feb 2020
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Pages: 336
Date Read: 12 Oct 2020

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