The Night Is Deep and Wide Review

This is a very nice book to read to babies. The use of black, white and red, along with the repetitious words would make this a great story to read to children two years and younger at night.

The Sun Down Motel Review

There's mystery! There's murder! There's (most important to me during the spooky season) GHOSTS! I enjoyed this book very much. I liked all of the characters and felt that excited to pick the book back up. When I got down to the last hundred pages I may even have grumbled at my family for being too loud while trying to read it.

The only con, and it's a big one, is the ghosts. The ending with the ghosts felt rushed, not well planned, and flat. Actually it doesn't even make that much sense, and super lackluster, but the story was still enjoyable.

The Bone Maker Review

This is hands down the best book I have read this year. I loved it so much! There's so much story and adventure packed into this book, that by the midway point it felt that other books would have just been ending. There is not a single bit of boring storytelling in this and I found myself really taking the time to imagine the scenes (I know it's sort of lazy I guess when I don't, but in other fantasies I have read it's just tedious).

I had started reading this after trying to read two other popular fantasies and being immediately put off by the main character being eighteen years old. I get it, YA is having a time right now and that's great, but I wanted a story where the heroes are my age and this book was it. It is so refreshing to read a book this good, in the fantasy genre, that had characters in their thirties/forties!

The story is about five friends who have already saved the world and must do so again. Kreya, the logical leader who makes bone constructs (think bones and whatever other material that can be combined to make a robot, whether it's wood, fabric, or metal). Jentt her husband who acts as the thief and scout for the group. Zera her best friend who can carve talismans from bones to make people and constructs fly, gain speed, be stealthily. Stran their big lovable boulder of a friend and finally Marso, their bone reader who can read the future and past in the bones.

Zera is my favorite character, her personality was fun, sassy, loyal, heart warming. Honestly I'd love to see another story in this series and if not based on the Five, then based solely on her.

Below are some quotes I pulled out.

As she descended the spiral stairs, she paused on the third level to check on her husband. He lay, as always, carefully wrapped in white linens. "Tomorrow, we'll watch the sun rise together," she told him. "You'll say something that will make me laugh, and I'll make willow tea that you'll ruin with too much honey. And then we can do whatever you want. Walk in the woods. Mend that step you're forever tripping over. We'll have time."

It was comforting to be surrounded by so many books, as if the past experience of all the authors could protect her from the unknown future.

Although I have never felt protected, who can't say they haven't felt comforted by being surrounded by books?

Twisting in the saddle, Zera tried to check, but the horse's fur blocked her view.The horse snorted until she pulled herself back up."You're a fussy one." She decided that meant it was a boy.
Opening her eyes, Kreya noticed that the other rag dolls were clustered around, some on the bed and some by her feet. She gathered them into her arms, and they swarmed all over her, patting her hair and stroking her back.
She looked down at the little crushed scout in her arms.

Why did these little creatures have so much personality to them? I wanted to cry reading that!

Without thinking about whether he could or not, she asked, "Marso, any predictions?" "Death and doom," he replied. "I don't need bones for that."

Thanks to the author Sarah Beth Durst, Avon and Harper Voyager, and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions are mine.

The Haunting of Beatrix Greene Review

Around 100 pages this little book packs a nice scary punch. The story telling is centered around Beatrix a phony medium, Harry her oldest friend, James the disbeliever, Amanda Reynolds, and Stanhope. James hires Beatrix to spend one night in Ashbury Manor, a home infamous for the killings that occurred there.

I enjoyed this book, but a few things that were jarring was the three separate authors. I hadn't noticed it at first, but then when I noticed the author under each new chapter it put me in mind of a new story. The anger between the two main characters and then them falling in love felt forced. If this book were a little longer and the story a little more developed I would have liked it more.

Bear Review

This is probably one of the prettiest books I've read. The panels are delightful to look at and anyone would benefit from reading this story.

Bear is a guide dog for Patrick, when suddenly he loses his sight and loses his purpose. What follows is an epic adventure where he learns more about his purpose in life.

Thanks to the author Ben Queen, BOOM! Studios, and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions are mine.

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