A Lullaby for Witches by Hester Fox

      Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this e-arc. All opinions are my own.
      When I first saw this title, I was pretty excited to request it. I had enjoyed “The Pale Orphan of Cemetery Hill”. Matter of fact, it had broken me from a reading slump. So when I was approved for this one, I made it the next book on my tbr.
      I didn’t like it.
      I couldn’t care less for the characters. This story is told in two separate timeliness, 1880’s and present day. Margaret lives in the 1880’s and is the wild child of a prosperous New England family. She is also a witch who falls in love and becomes pregnant. I couldn’t stand her character and found her to be an annoying know it all.
      Then there’s Augusta. A flat, boring character that was written as we should pity her, but I found her insufferable. She goes on for chapters about how she is just staying with her boyfriend because it was convenient, but after she finally decides to go, tells the new crush how much of a manipulator he was. It was all talk and no show for her character.
      There was nothing spooky about this book.

Published by: Harlequin Trade
Publication Date: 01 Feb 2022
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 320
Source: NetGalley
Date Read: 22 Sep 2021

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