House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig

      This story is such an interesting retelling, with just the right about of spookiness to kick off the season.
      “You can, of course, but do you remember what we talked about before the funeral? You know Eulalie isn’t here anymore. She’s with Mama and Elizabeth now, in the Brine.”
      I felt her nod. “She keeps pulling my sheets off, though.”
      I blinked once before turning to snatch it up. When I left, the door slammed shut after me, as if pushed by unseen hands.
      “It works that way on the mainland,” he allowed. “But on the islands, estates are passed to the eldest child, regardless of sex. Many strong women have ruled over the Salann Islands. My grandmother inherited Highmoor when her father passed away. She doubled the size of the Vasa shipyard and tripled the profits.”

      How refreshing for this line to be delivered from the father/husband – current head of the household? Too many stories are set where it’s the son who inherits, and I’m here for this new way.
      The one downside I had with the story was that even by the end I still had no real idea of all the sisters, not really caring to remember their names.

Published by: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: 26 Aug 2019
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 406
Date Read: 20 Sep 2020

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