Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

      I liked Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia very much. Without any spoilers, the ending surprised me and left me a little heartbroken. Tweeting that to the author, I don’t expect to hear anything back, but I hope she read it and maybe feels a little bad for it (doubtful she reads it). I am convinced though that she could write a manual at this point, and I’d read it. She has such a way of words that describe things that I have felt and never have been able to express.
      Martin, who had a rather atrophied imagination, incapable of considering for long periods of time anything that was not directly in front of him as worthy of interest, could understand this reaction. LOL! I thought this was a great diss. Like, really, her way with words (chef’s kiss).
      He was there all of a sudden, right by her side, like a fallen piece of the velvety sky, like a nocturnal plant that unfurled and greeted her, his hand touching her shoulder, shielding her from any threats with that quick gesture. I physically felt this.
      “Dreams are for mortals.” “Why?” “Because they must die.”
      Somehow, this made a perfect sort of sense. For real, though, how beautiful is this idea?” I’m better now,” she said, picking an innocuous comment to distract them both. “We could fetch ourselves supper.”
      I do this all the time, and this bit stuck out to me. It’s something so small that I do and yet to see it written out on the page like that was a bit startling. “The world was young then, it smelled of copper and brine,” Vucub-Kamé told her, almost wistfully, and she thought even though he stood before her, he wasn’t there, his eyes far off, gazing into the land of his memories.
      Just another example of some beautiful writing I wanted to include here.
The phantom image they built of the palace was nothing but that, a fragile creation of the imagination, and yet it was solid. Casiopea saw the palace, and she knew she pictured its true likeness, even though she had never walked its hallways.
      How amazing is this right here? I don’t know how many times I have pondered my imagination. Where do these images come from exactly? How can I see a place so clearly when I have never been there?
      Honestly, I haven’t read such beautiful writing in a long time. As I said, I’m not great with expressing myself and through writing these reviews I hope to hone my ability to write. This story had so many passages to it where I was caught of guard by her wording and I’m afraid I’m not doing her any justice.

Published by: Del Rey
Publication Date: 23 Jul 2019
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 338
Date Read: 13 Sep 2020

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