Horror Novels From Around the World - 11/07/2022

I have a goal to read horror novels from around the world - no deadline. So far:

~Eastern Asia~

Japan: The Graveyard Apartment by Mariko Koike, subgenre-supernatural.

South Korea: The Hole by Hye-Young Pyun, subgenre-supernatural.

Taiwan: Whisper by Yu-Ko Chang, subgenre-suspense.

China: *The Haunted House by Pu Songling (Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio), subgenre-supernatural.

*The Wailing Ghosts by Pu Songling (Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio), subgenre-supernatural.

~Northern Europe~

United Kingdom: Dracula the Undead by Freda Warrington, subgenre-supernatural.

~Southern Europe~

Serbia: Fear and His Servant by Mirjana Novakovic, subgenre-supernatural.

~Western Europe~

Germany: You Should Have Left by Daniel Kehlmann, subgenre-supernatural.

~North America~

United States: The Spite House by Johnny Compton, subgenre-supernatural.

~South America~

Argentina: Our Share of the Night by Mariana Enriquez, subgenre-supernatural.

* Short stories from an anthology indicated in the parentheses.

Creepy Cat Vol. 1 by Cotton Valent

"A full-color young adult graphic novel series that originated as a webcomic about a beloved ghostly cat! Flora moves into a mysterious mansion and finds it inhabited by a strange creature - Creepy Cat! Thus begins her strange and sometimes dangerous life with a feline roommate. This Gothic comedy brings the chuckles...and the chills! Since 2014, Cotton Valent's hilarious webcomic Meawbin The Creepy Cat has charmed online audiences across the world. Enjoy this full-color graphic novel series for audiences new and old!"

I finished this cute webcomic in a few hours and enjoyed all of it. From Flora, the creepy cat(s), and the police officer, it was all so cute!

I had never heard of Creepy Cat or the author/artist Cotton Valent, but now I have her webcomic bookmarked just so I can read more.

She also has another webcomic called "Glitch" which looks amazing as well.

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