The Spellshop by Sarah Beth Durst

      Sarah Beth Durst wrote one of my favorite books of 2020. That story was about a woman who did magic with bones, on a mission to save her husband from death. It was a beautiful love story that had me hooked and crying at the end. That story, however, felt darker, and there was more at stake for the characters than in "The Spellshop.' By no means is this a remark on this story negatively. It is more of a remark on the wide range of her story-telling.

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Perchta of Rozmberk - the White Lady of Bohemia


To Be Cursed

      This tale of the Lady in White is probably one of the earliest accounts. Perchta of Rozmberk at the age of twenty was married off by her father to a man she doesn't agree with, Lord John of Lichtenstejn (also known as Jan and Johann). Recently widowed and living with his mother in law and sister, all three of them made her life hell. It's well documented in the letters Perchta writes herself, "Take me away from these evil people and you will merit praise, as if you released a soul from purgatory."1

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